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In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the warning signs that dictate the need for new tires. Tires can be damaged as a result of age, improper care, and improper tire rotation scheduling causing issues such as cracking, blowouts, and a lack of traction. Therefore, it's always important to check your tires before you go on a long drive. Check out the infographic below for tire care and safety.

As we move on, in today's blog we will be discussing how to choose the right tire, and how our app can make it easy for you. But before we move on to that particular subject, it is vital to understand the measurement system for tires, it's meaning, and how to find the right tire size for your vehicle using the Vinndo app.

Find Your Tire Size

The first step to replacing old, worn out, tires is to determine the size of the tire so that you can more easily find and order a new one. The tire size is located on the sidewall, or outside edge, of the tire. The tire sidewall will indicate the size in five distinct sections that are separated by a thin line. Below, we will list the five sections and their meaning in order from left to right.

Tire Type - The tire type will be denoted by a letter. The most standard letter “P” stands for a passenger vehicle, the category that most cars in the United States classify as. In addition to passenger vehicles, light trucks have their own denotations, being “LT”. In order to tell if your car is a passenger vehicle or a light truck, check the first letter on the left on the sidewall of the tire, the vehicle owner's manual, as well as the tire placard that is found in the inside frame of the driver door.

Tire Width - The tire width refers to the metric measurement from sidewall to sidewall and is represented by a three-digit number. This three-digit number is the width of the tire in millimeters.

Aspect Ratio - The aspect ratio refers to the ratio between the hight and the width of the tire. The ratio is denoted as a percentage directly to the right of the tire width. The larger that an aspect ratio is, the larger the sidewall of the tire will be.

Construction- The construction of a tire refers to the construction technique used to build the tire. The most common type of tire is denoted by an “R” meaning that the layers of the tire lay radially.

Diameter - The wheel diameter refers to the size of the wheel as it is measured from one end to another. Unlike the tire width, the diameter is measured using inches.

On another note, try this neat trick to see the condition of your vehicles tires below:

Tire type, width, aspect ratio, construction, and diameter are all incredibly important aspects to consider when thinking about where to buy auto parts, as it is necessary to get the same or another compatible size for your vehicle. But aside from being an expert in the automotive field, how can one truly know if they are buying the correct size and properly priced auto part. Lastly, the best time to buy tires is during the holidays.

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