Are you wondering if the time has run out on your tires? Check out our latest article on when the right time comes to get new tires.

One of the most important safety features on your vehicle is your set of tires. These four wheels are responsible for keeping you rolling down the road and they are the first line of protection against the pavement. When your tires have reached the end of their life, they can become extremely dangerous. Old tires are prone to blowing out, losing traction in inclement weather, and going flat.

Due to the vital role they place, tires are something that should always be replaced in a timely manner. If you aren’t certain whether or not the time has come to replace your tires, check out this simple guide to knowing when your tires are past their prime.

Never Ignore The Warning Signs Of Bad Tires

If you have read through the above information and realize that your tires are in need of replacement, make sure you take action right away. Ignoring tires that are past their prime can lead to a disastrous result. The following can all be the result of bad tires:

  • Blowouts: When you are driving at highway speeds, a tire that blows out can lead to a horrible wreck. When a tire blows out, your car can roll, flip, and crash with extreme force.
  • Flats: While a flat might not be as dramatic as a blowout, a flat tire can be a nuisance. When your car has a flat, you might have to pull over on a busy road to change the flat, which is not ideal.
  • Lack of traction: Older tires will often fail you when you need them most. Instead of gripping the road during a rain or snowstorm, they will leave you drifting all over the road. Hydroplaning is a much bigger risk when you have old tires with worn out tread.

These are just a few of the dangers of not replacing old tires. Make sure you take action as soon as you realize your tires are worn beyond repair.

Price Comparison Is Key To Finding New Tires

Shopping for new tires doesn’t need to break the bank. By using the right tool, you can compare prices on countless tires and brands, allowing you to purchase the best deal possible. For example, by simply using your VIN or other identifying information about your vehicle, you can use Vinndo to quickly browse dozens of tires online.

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