The time has come for you and your car to part ways. Are you ready to make the final sale? Check out these tips for what you should do before selling your car.

In our previous post, we talked about what you should do if you are buying a used car. In this post, we will outline the flip side — the best tactics for selling your car. Perhaps you are upgrading to a new ride or you have too many vehicles for your family’s needs; whatever the case, selling your car can be a successful venture if you follow these tips on what you should do before selling your car.

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Give It A Deep Cleaning

Before you put your car on the market, take some time to deep clean the vehicle inside and out. Cleaning goes a long way in providing a much better first impression. If someone pulls up to take a look at your car and the first thing they notice is how muddy it is and the slew of fast food wrappers in the backseat, you can wind up devaluing the vehicle even sans mechanical issues.

Deep clean your car using the following steps:

  1. Take out the trash: Start by emptying your car of any trash. Dig through side pockets, glove boxes, and under seats. Make sure no trash is left behind.
  2. Get rid of personal effects: Not only should all the trash in your vehicle be removed, you should also take out anything that won’t be sold with the car. Remove absolutely everything except for your registration and proof of insurance. The beads hanging from your rearview mirror that you love so much might not charm a buyer the same way.
  3. Visit the car wash: Take your car to the nearby car wash and rid the vehicle of any grime. Opt for a car wash with vacuums so you can also thoroughly vacuum the vehicle out. If you own dogs, make sure you take the time to painstakingly remove all dog fur.
  4. Dust the interior: Once you have vacuumed the entire vehicle out, grab a rag and dust the interior. Clean out vents and any door storage.

Cleaning your car will go a long way in creating a good first impression. Many car buyers will assume that cars that are clean are also well-maintained mechanically.

A simple deep cleaning can help boost the perceived value of the vehicle as a whole.

Replace Parts & Handle Simple Fixes

If your vehicle has a few small repairs that you can attend to before you put it on the market, do so. The more problems you have to list about the car, the harder it will be to sell.

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For example, if your vehicle is missing a couple door handles, these inexpensive parts are well-worth replacing before you show the car. Conversely, make sure you don’t dump too much money into repairs prior to selling. For example, if you have an old vehicle with a fading paint job, investing over $500 in new paint will most likely not result in the same monetary gain when you sell. At some point, older vehicles will simply top out in value and investing anything further will do you little-to-no good.

Create A Detailed Ad

Once your car is in the best shape possible, it is time to take photos and create a detailed ad. If you are selling your car online, such as on Craigslist, you will want to list out as much information as possible in your posting. This will not only make your ad more appealing, it will save you from answering hundreds of questions from people who won’t actually be interested in your vehicle once they find out the answers.

A quality ad should include the following information:

  • Photos of the interior and exterior of the car
  • The make, model, and year
  • The mileage on the vehicle
  • Any existing issues
  • Any recent investments, such as changing out the brake pads, new tires, etc.
  • Whether or not the engine and transmission are original or have been rebuilt
  • Your asking price
  • The best way to contact you

Don’t Let Sentimentality Get In The Way

Finally, when it comes time to show your car and finalize the sale, make sure you don’t let your own sentimentality get in the way. It can be easy to overvalue things about your car because you have fond memories of them. Perhaps you remember the first time you were driving your kids to school in your vehicle or that time you installed a brand new stereo on your own. Keep in mind that a potential buyer may not find value in these things the way you do. Make sure you separate your emotions from the sale and keep a realistic expectation about what your car is actually worth.

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