Did you just purchase a used vehicle that is getting on in years? Make sure you know what parts might need replacing and what common issues to look out for.

When it comes to older vehicles or ones that have a few extra miles on them, there are a few parts that will be sure to make your replacement list in short time. If you have recently purchased a used car, make sure you get ready to find the best local auto parts so you can replace troublesome parts right away. When it comes to car repairs, the sooner you handle failing components the better, as one weakened part can often cause strain on other vehicle parts. Check out this list of the top most commonly replaced parts on used cars.

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With the passage of time, a car’s battery will slowly lose its ability to function properly. Not only will time cause a battery to become less effective but driving habits can cut a battery’s life short as well. If the car’s lights have been left on overnight or a door was left ajar, causing the interior lights to run for hours on end, a battery can lose its charge. While newer batteries can often be jumped and recharge as you drive around town, older batteries will no longer be able to recover from a simple jump. If your car won’t start one cold morning, it could be due to a dead battery.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your battery every 4-5 years. You can also have your battery tested by a mechanic during tune-ups to ensure that it is still operating at its prime. Replacing a battery before it fails will save you from being stranded at the grocery store in need of a jump. While some auto parts are fine to purchase after they have been used for years, batteries are best bought new.

Windshields & Their Wiper Blades

Both important to your safety, windshields and their wiper blades should always be replaced in a timely fashion. The most common cause for windshield replacement is due to a crack or other damage sustained on the road. If a rock was sent flying into your windshield and now a spider web of cracks has appeared, it is time to replace the glass right away. Not only is it dangerous to drive a vehicle with a damaged windshield, it can also result in a hefty ticket or cause you to fail emissions tests. Purchasing a new or used windshield will suffice, as long as the glass is in good condition.

Windshield wiper blades should also be replaced frequently and you should never operate a vehicle when they are damaged. Most commonly, the rubber on the blades will deteriorate, cracking or warping. Once this happens, it is best to buy brand new wiper blades as they are inexpensive and most are not designed to last more than a year. If you have noticed that your windshield wiper blades are no longer cleaning your windshield effectively, it is most likely time to purchase a new set.

Car Lights

Just as you have to frequently replace light bulbs around your home, you will also need to replace lights on your car as they burn out. Most of the time, your tail lights and turn signals are the first to go. Headlights are the most noticeable, as your night vision will be impacted by them. Make sure that you inspect the lights on the back of your car, as well as all turn signals, frequently to ensure they are still operating. On most vehicles, changing out the bulb is a fairly simple process. Light bulbs should be purchased new as they are easily damaged and do not have a long enough lifespan to warrant purchasing a used version.

Less impactful to the safety of your driving, interior lights can also burn out over time. Mirror lights are usually the first to go but as long as not having those lights doesn’t bother you, it is not an urgent repair. While a missing turn signal or brake light can land you with a hefty ticket, interior lights are not required by law. Replace interior lights at your own leisure.

Door Handles

If you have ever owned an old economy car, you have very likely replaced your fair share of door handles. Due to the focus on a cheap price tag, economy cars are often built with plastic components that fail quickly. Door handles are usually the first things to break as they undergo heavy use. Interior door handles usually break first, as they are often designed with cheaper plastics than the exterior handles. While door handles are not necessary, it can be extremely inconvenient to constantly have to climb out one working door or reach through your window to let yourself out of your car.

Opting for new or used door handles is fine but keep in mind that if the original handles broke on your car, replacing them with used door handles might be a short fix. Use our online auto parts finder to locate the best affordable door handle replacement options in your local area.

Easy Access To Local Auto Parts

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