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Over time vehicles break down, and that is just how things go. Vehicles are no different from buildings, sidewalks, and other structures in the sense that over time weather will influence them to degrade and break down. That being said, if a vehicle is well maintained and taken care of on a regular basis, it will still break down — just a lot slower. In order to increase the longevity of your automobile’s life, you simply must take care of it by associating yourself with some common maintenance techniques and a local auto parts, or online auto parts store.

Preventative maintenance is maintenance that is regularly performed on a vehicle or piece of equipment in an effort to lessen the chance that the said equipment fails.  Essentially, preventative maintenance is simply taking care of your car, resulting in extending the vehicle’s life. In today’s blog post, your source for local auto parts, Vinndo, is going to discuss some of the more basic preventative maintenance tasks that either you or an automotive technician should perform on your vehicle.

First Things First: Check Your Manual

Before you do anything, including reading this blog post, it is imperative that you read your owner's manual. Within the pages of your vehicle’s owner’s manual, you will find the specific needs that your car's manufacturer has specified that your vehicle needs to operate functionally while extending the life of the car.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few of the services and maintenance that can be regularly completed in an effort to extend the life of your vehicle. This post will touch generally on some of the more broad services but should be by no means be used in substitution of your vehicles owners manual.

Check Your Tires

Maintaining your tires can be the difference in them lasting for years, or for months. One of the most important factors that influence the life of a tire is the tire pressure. If a tire is 15 percent over inflated or 15 percent deflated, the lifetime of your tire can be decreased by — you guessed it, 15 percent. One of the simplest ways to ensure that your tires last as long as possible is to visit a car accessories shop and to purchase a tire-pressure gauge. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will likely denote the optimal tire pressures for both summer and winter, and with the gauge, it is easy to check the tire pressure often enough to avoid tire damage.

In addition to tire pressure, it is important to have your tires continually rotated and balanced in an effort to maintain proper tire wear. Tires are influenced differently and are thus worn differently by the left and right side of the vehicle, as well as by the front and rear axle. Rotating the tires allows the car to wear the tires evenly, thus extending the life of the tire tread. Are your tires on their last leg? Check out our vast local auto store network of car and truck parts online. Vinndo is your go-to automotive parts supplier, featuring parts from tires to filters to wiper blades.

Check Your Oil And Replace It Frequently

Since the beginning of time, or the beginning of the auto industry, it has been claimed that oil should be replaced every 3,000 miles, regardless of the vehicles make or model. This simply is not true. The true answer to how often you should have your oil changes is in — you guessed it, the owner’s manual. All cars are extremely different, in engine size, engine type, and inefficiency of operation, making the amount of maintenance that they need incredibly different.

While all cars may require different metrics of oil and different implications of mileage and time between oil changes,  it is still incredibly important to constantly check your oil. Knowing the difference between clean and dirty oil is important because it can be suggestive of needing an oil change, or other issues with the efficiency of your engine. That being said, you need to regularly check your vehicle's oil in an effort to catch issues before they happen. For local auto parts like oil filters and replacement dipsticks, visit the Vinndo car accessories shop online today to find the product you need at a auto shop near you.

Replace Engine And Cabin Air Filters Regularly

Air quality plays a huge role in the longevity of a vehicle’s life, in more ways than one would think. Typically, when someone thinks about an air filter in a car they think of the cabin air filter. The cabin air filter usually rests behind the glove box (but not always, check your manual) and filters the air that is brought into the cabin from the outside of the vehicle. This air filter can keep the interior of your car clean, as it will filter out the particulate matter in the air before it enters your vehicle. If you notice that there is more dust in your car than usual, check the cabin air filter.

In addition to the cabin air filter, there is one more air filter that you should check regularly — the engine air filter. The main purpose of the engine air filter is to ensure that clean air is pushed into your engine rather than dirt and other particulate matter that could be potentially harmful to your vehicle. Most cars will state in the owner's manual what the recommended mileage for a filter change is, but is important to not solely rely on the manual. If you tend to drive on dirt roads often, your car is at higher risk of dirtying a filter well before the recommended replacement date. Need a filter? Some automotive parts suppliers might give you a one size fits all filter, but here at Vinndo, we use the VIN number of your vehicle to ensure that you get the parts that were made for your car and your car only. Find the perfect part for your vehicle today.

Check Your Spark Plugs

One of the most overlooked factors of engine efficiency is the spark plugs. A vehicle’s spark plugs can cost you fuel efficiency, as well as the risk of your vehicle breaking down. Luckily, for something that is so crucial to efficient vehicle operation, they are easy to replace. While like most preventative maintenance techniques, your vehicle’s owner’s manual may specify an intended time period or milage that the spark plugs should be changed, but in reality, the best way to diagnose spark plug issues is to look at them yourself. Need spark plug replacements? Buy auto parts online and have them shipped straight to your door with our car part finder and store finder here at Vinndo.

Find Car And Truck Parts With Vinndo

Preventative maintenance may seem like a grueling task, but in reality, a couple dollars and some elbow grease now will save you a ton of time and money down the road. Buy auto parts online for your preventative maintenance needs with us at Vinndo, your local auto parts solutions provider. Simply enter your VIN number or license plate into our car part finder to see a full list of all the car and truck parts that are compatible with your car. Contact us today for any questions that you might have about our local auto part services.  

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