With Vinndo, you’ll be directed to a local auto parts and repair shop where they can help you get the AC back up and running. But until you get the information you need, read on.

While air conditioning often feels like a necessity, it is actually a luxury that many of us have become all-too accustomed with. Believe it or not, people got along just fine back in the day without cold air blasting their face as they hit the open road. However, sometimes dropping into your local automotive repair shop isn’t going to do the trick. Whether they are just missing a part you need or their technician isn’t quite sure how to help, it’ll be okay. That’s where we come in. With Vinndo, you’ll be directed to a local auto parts and repair shop where they can help you get everything back up and running. But until you get the information you need, read on to learn how to beat the heat, even when the AC gives up.


Sweat is our bodies’ way of keeping us cool, and that’s just the name of the game when it comes to a broken car air conditioner. Keep some towels on you to dry off the excess perspiration and strategize for your travel. If you live in a particularly hot and humid part of the country, there is no way to escape. This isn’t the time to shower right before you hop on a seven hour road trip, and it certainly isn’t time to run errands before you have a date. Keep some extra clothes in the car, just in case you sweat through your first two shirts. Sweat is inevitable! Accept it! Or, you could just download Vinndo and find a mechanic right now to fix the issue.


Since you need to sweat in order to stay cool, you need some water in your body to make sure you have something to sweat out. Dehydration is no joke, and it can become even more of a problem with a broken car AC. Keep an ice cold water bottle with you whenever you hit the road to make sure you stay cool and hydrated. And hey, while you’re filling that water bottle, you might as well download Vinndo. We can help you find a mechanic who knows their stuff, you know.

Windows Down

Hopefully your windows still work, even if the AC doesn’t. Luckily for you, hitting the highway going 65 is a nice way to get a natural breeze going. If the skies cloud over, you’ll be in luck — no hot sunshine will keep you burning up. However, it can still be deceptively scalding in a car with the windows down. Some cars get better airflow than others, so be mindful. Anyone with long hair, be prepared to keep hair ties within the car. Otherwise, it will take days to get those knots out. On the flip side, you could just get the Vinndo app and research our vast directory of local auto parts and mechanic shops that are in your area. If your car still runs, we know you can get there with no problem!

Run Errands at Night

Naturally, your daily excursions are going to feel a lot better if you do them at night. With no sun beating down on your poor car, you won’t be sweating half as much as you would be. And, when you leave the car in the nighttime versus the daylight hours, the inside won’t turn into a giant oven. Whether this means going for groceries at 9 pm or getting up extra early to go to work, you’ll be able to avoid the grossest and hottest points of the day with a little strategy. If you’re into strategizing though, you might as well take a look at Vinndo’s car part finder and auto mechanic locator features. We can help you find a mechanic who is ready to repair the problem and get you driving during the daytime again.

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