Are you wondering if you need to fix or replace your vehicle? Join Vinndo, your auto parts network as we discuss the topic.

When it comes to your older or problematic vehicle, there is a good chance that you have some sort of attachment to it, as it has been there to transport you in both good times and bad. While “old reliable” has been there for you since you were 16, sometimes dependable cars can become — undependable. One of the most important things to consider when your old vehicle begins to have issues is if you are willing to spend the money to fix the vehicle up and get it back to functional conditions, or if it is time to sever ties with old faithful and take it to a scrapyard. Join us today as your auto parts network, Vinndo, discusses the ever-so-delicate topic of when it might be time to fix or part ways with your car.

Below, we have listed some of the most important considerations regarding the decision of whether to fix or scrap your car, no matter how much it means to you emotionally.

How Much Are You Currently Paying In General Maintenance?

Having an older car can be incredibly fun, as working on a vehicle can be soothing and mentally challenging, but how often are you doing it? If you are spending a couple hundred dollars a month on vehicle repairs to ensure that your daily driver is still on the road it might be time to do some critical thinking and self-reflection. If you own the car outright, whether you paid in cash or in one large payment, it may not seem like a large issue paying monthly for maintenance and repairs, but if you are still making payments on the vehicle it could be an issue.

If you are currently making payments on a vehicle that requires regular repairs and maintenance, then it might not seem like a bad idea to continually purchase affordable auto parts and fix the car yourself. While this might seem like the best option, you could be paying way more than you would if you just got a new car. Add the costs of both your monthly auto bill and the costs of monthly repairs and maintenance. More than likely, the total that you end up with will be more than if you simply got a new vehicle.

If the monthly costs of maintenance are not enough to convince you to get a new vehicle, there are ways to still save money. More than likely, automotive repairs are performed in a shop by experienced mechanics, but that can add up. With the vast amount of resources that you can find online, it might be time for you to start repairing the car yourself. Here at Vinndo it is our goal to make it easier for you to find the parts that your car needs through our auto parts network. Simply enter your vehicles VIN number into our site and you will have access to car reports and affordable car parts.

Are The Repairs And Maintenance Low Enough To Keep The Vehicle?

Typically speaking, the general population agrees that if the number of repairs costs more than half of the market value of the vehicle, then it might be time to scrap or sell the car. While it may seem silly to you to try and sell a car that is worth scrapping, sometimes there are auto enthusiasts that are looking for cars to rebuild, so if you have a desirable enough vehicle model, it may just be worth tucking a for sale sign inside the window.

If you already know that your car is unlikely to sell, then it is time to price auto parts and compare them to the market value of your car to see if one option outweighs the other. Pricing auto parts can be easy, as services like ours here at Vinndo can allow you access to an auto parts network chock full of affordable car parts. Once you know the parts that you need, you simply have to add them to the online cart, totaling and pricing the automotive parts for you.

Once you have priced out the car parts, you simply have to determine the market value of your vehicle. To do so, take your car to an automotive retailer, or utilize the online services of the Kelley Blue Book Value or the Edmunds’ True Market Calculator. Once you have done so, compare the prices. If the costs of the repairs and maintenance of the vehicle add up to over half of the car’s market value, it might be time to scrap the vehicle and move on. If they don't, buy the parts and get your vehicle back on the road again.

Will The repair Extend The Life Of Your Car?

While the previous factors that may influence whether you decide to scrap and replace or fix your vehicle may have been more concrete, determining if fixing the vehicle will extend its life is a little more complicated. Due to the complexities and intricacies of automotive components and systems, it can be extremely hard to definitively say if a repair will extend the life of a vehicle, unless you are an automotive technician that is. If you are not quite auto-savvy, then consider taking your vehicle to a mechanic. Provide the mechanic with a list of priced auto parts and explain your situation. Once mechanic knows what you are looking for, it is likely that they will be able to check out the rest of the vehicle and determine if the repair will increase the longevity of the vehicles life.

If a mechanic believes that the part will indeed increase the longevity of the vehicle's life, it might be worthwhile to invest in fixing the vehicle. Simply search “parts for my car” online, click on Vinndo, and browse our auto parts network for affordable car parts. If the mechanic thinks that, even after replacing the parts, the car might still be a gamble, then it might be most wise to move on and replace it.

What Does dependability Mean To You?

Most hard working Americans rely on their vehicles to get them from point A to point B on a daily basis as they go to and from work. That being said, is that something that you can do with a car that you can't trust to start or run efficiently? Granted, some people have multiple vehicles, making the importance of one having occasional mechanical issues minuscule, but for others, mechanical issues can be damning.

If you need to rely on a vehicle to get you from point A to point B, it is imperative that you carefully weigh the above considerations that we have outlined above, as fixing a vehicle with potential or ditching a vehicle and upgrading can be the determining factor in your ability to get out and about.

If You Fix Your Car, Use Vinndo For Affordable Car Parts

When purchasing automotive parts it is imperative that you get the most affordable parts, while also ensuring that they are compatible with your vehicle. The easiest way to do so is to search “where to buy auto parts” or “parts for my car’ online and find Vinndo, your online auto parts network. At Vinndo, we consider ourselves to be one of the best car parts websites because with as little information as your vehicles VIN number you can see the parts that you need, as well as detailed reports on your vehicle.

So whether you choose to fix your old car, or you decide to replace it, let Vinndo be your auto parts network for affordable car parts. Contact us today if you have any questions about our auto parts network.

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