You may think that you are saving money on gas but when you begin calculating the figures, they all add up to, let’s say a lot of money.

If you own a car then you know that it is pretty tough to save money on gas, no matter how much you try or what trick you have up your sleeve. You may think that you are saving money but when you begin calculating the figures, they all add up to, let’s say a lot of money. The average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline jumped 3 cents nationally over the past three weeks to $2.54. – This information is from way back at the beginning of the year January 2018. Today, according to AAA the price of gas is roughly $2.765. The rate has increased. That’s a shocker.

So in this time and era, how could you possibly save a few bucks on gas? I’ll let you in on a secret, public transportation! But besides that, some of us need a personal vehicle to get around. Especially if you have a family. Now let’s get started.

12 Tips to Help You Save Money on Gas

Utilize Public Transportation

This should be obvious. Public transportation is cheap to get around with. So why not use it? Also, using public transport means that there is one less car on the streets. Advising your friends and family to do the same is an excellent idea. The next time you have to go to work use the bus or train rather than taking out your car.

Making Fewer Trips

When you are home or at work, and you have to step outside to pick something up or drop something off, whatever the case is it’s always efficient to run multiple errands in one trip. This is a smart economic choice. Not only are you saving money you are saving time as well. Now a lot of us do not plan our day to day activities while some do. Those that do understand how helpful this strategy is are saving a couple of dollars on gas annually.

Leave The Windows & Sunroof Closed

We all like driving with the windows down and feeling the breeze of the fresh air. However, while you have your windows down and driving fast at the same time, it causes drag. Car designers call it aerodynamics and make lots of effort to reduce the 'drag' and make the car as sleek as possible. Anything that makes wind noise as your car goes along is making your car more expensive to run. You can't do much about the design of your car, but you can avoid making it worse by not leaving the windows and sunroof open. It's better to use the air vents for most of the year, and the air-conditioning when it gets too hot.

Avoid Rush Hours

This tip should be logical. We have all been there, stuck in traffic listening to the radio station, patiently waiting to go home. This leads back to the first tip, if you had used public transportation you wouldn’t be in this dilemma!

Keep Tires Properly Inflated

If your tires need maintenance, then it would be a good idea to give it some attention. It’s vital to know that properly inflated tires reduce friction and offer better gas mileage. Alignment of your wheels also comes to mind.

Keep The Engine Maintained

Car engines need to be regularly tuned. A properly tuned engine uses less gas, so if you can’t remember when you last had a tune-up, it may be time to schedule one. In addition to tires, keep your engine well maintained with regular oil changes and other recommended service. An engine that is not properly maintained use more gas. Whereas a properly tuned engine uses less gas.

Don't Push The Accelerator Down Too Far

Driving fast may be fun, but it also increases drag, which increases fuel consumption. Driving just below the speed limit and driving smoothly (not accelerating quickly) uses gas more efficiently, so you may have to fill up a lot less often.

Get A Fuel Efficient Car

It’s 2018 people and we have made great efforts in building the best fuel-efficient vehicles. Car brands such as Honda, Toyota and the like have built some hybrid models designed to save fuel costs. The affordable prices of fuel-efficient vehicles and the long-term benefits of lowering your annual budget for gas and other operating expenses is a huge deal. With that being said it’s probably a good time to switch over to fuel efficient cars.


This should be obvious. Walking not only saves you money but it is also good for your health! But for long distances, this may not be an option, but then again there is always option #1, you guessed it public transportation.

Buy Gas Early Or Late In The Day

Generally, it pays to buy gas early to midweek. Gas prices tend to rise closer to the weekend — especially holiday weekends — to snitch from leisure travelers. Buy gas early in the week. Prices typically rise between Wednesday and Saturday but stay lower during the early days of the week.

Warm Up Your Car For Shorter Lengths Of Time

Warming up your car may seem like a good idea. Most likely you have heard of this trick from elder family members or friends. But the thing is, modern car engines do not require the extensive length of time that older models needed to warm up. Even if you do warm up your car just make sure that you do not pass the 60-second mark. Half a minute is good to go.

Don’t Wait Until Your Tank Is Almost Empty To Fill Up

Let’s say you do wait until your tank is almost empty, and then you take your car out to go fill it up. Now on your way to the pump, your car shuts down, now what will you do? Whatever gas is nearby you will probably end up paying above its original price. Planning ahead seems like a good idea now doesn’t it?

Final Jurisdiction

As we come to the end of this discussion, keep in mind that there are more than 12 ways to save money on gas. For example, for tip no 2, (Making fewer trips) you can combine your errands. For tip no 7 (Don't push the accelerator down too far, breaking mar too often also increases the usage of gas. Also, your brake pads wear out at the same time. That means more expense! Remember this: every small thing matters. Although these little things may appear as if it’s not much money, when you calculate annually, it will save you about $80 - $100 more or less. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment! Drive safe!

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