Are you thinking of buying or selling a vehicle in the near future? In either case, it’s critical to obtain a vehicle history report. Click to learn more from our local auto parts experts.

So, you’ve decided to buy a used car. While you may not be able to afford a brand-new ride, the reality is that you still need wheels.

It could be that you’ve already arranged to meet the seller with check in hand.

Hold on a second.

Have you obtained a vehicle history report? If not, you could be throwing that hard-earned money away on a piece of junk.

Keep in mind that a vehicle history report from a reputable company can provide insight into the life of a car or truck.

Here are seven details this report will tell you:

  1. Accidents - Would you really spend thousands of dollars on a car or truck that’s been in multiple accidents? We’re guessing not. A history report pulls in accident data from motor vehicle departments, collision repair shops, insurance companies, and law enforcement agencies. Granted, maybe the car was properly repaired following each accident. Just know that a collision alert will likely put more work on your plate.
  2. Title information - It’s essential to know if a vehicle comes with a salvage, junk, or rebuilt title. Here at Vinndo, we advise against purchasing a car with a salvage title, as these vehicles tend to be difficult to finance and insure. They’re also pretty expensive to maintain. Other marks to be aware of include police use, fire damage, hail damage, and flood damage.
  3. Ownership - Not surprisingly, a used car with a single owner is more valuable than multiple-owner used vehicles. Rest assured that a history report will access public records to show how many owners the vehicle has had.  
  4. Odometer readings - Back in the day, a shady seller would roll back their odometer to give the impression that their vehicle had lower mileage than it actually did. Don’t just assume the odometer will be accurate. Fortunately, the majority of motor vehicle departments require mileage to be reported during inspections and renewals. Those mileage numbers are then recorded on history reports.
  5. Registration and inspection information - If the vehicle you’re looking to buy has gaps in registration or inspection status, a red flag should go up in your head. This could mean that the car or truck was stolen or abandoned at some point in the past. Note that there should be a notation on the report each time the vehicle is registered, renewed, or inspected.

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