We know it is very hard to find the perfect gift for a car enthusiast. Vinndo brings you a list of gifts for car lovers for your beloved motor-head.

Christmas is almost here. All the shopping for gifts can become very tiring and finding the best gifts for loved ones can also become a challenge. Finding gifts for car lovers can be especially tricky. We here at Vinndo have made a list of gifts for car lovers only for you. Our list provides you with some respite from having to look for specific gifts tending to your loved one's wishes. We made sure to add a mixture of fun and useful gift ideas on the list.

The best gift ideas for any car lovers are in the following:

Customized Seat Covers

The best way to change the outlook of an old car or to provide some additional protection to new investment is to improve the interior. Getting custom seat covers will get that job done. You can get different designs and patterns along with different materials according to your liking. Getting designs inspired by racing, hunting or fishing in materials such as leather, velour r leatherette is now easy with many companies providing these services. Custom seat covers are fantastic gifts for car lovers anywhere and are a great way to express your love.

Vintage Signs

Every workshop or garage has manly automotive decor. It adds to the charm and environment of any place. The office or den of a car lover would look even greater if it has some automotive influenced heavy-gauge steel signage. You can find many places offering old-school authentically reproduced icons from drag strips to interstates. The signs bring about an artistic and antique flair to your den. This is a fantastic gift idea that you can utilize and an excellent entry for our list of best gifts for car lovers.

Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount

Using your phone while driving is a dangerous thing. Often people use directions to look for directions in older car models. Now with app-based taxi services, many people are using their phone while driving. If your loved one is doing it too then do them a favor and get them a dashboard magnetic car mount. These are affordable and very useful, especially as gifts for car lovers.

Automobile Escape Tool

During winter driving conditions get worse. Christmas is a busy time for hospitals as well. Give your dear ones an automobile escape tool for an emergency. There are few companies like SuperVixor XT which makes tools like these. These are made for emergency escape or rescue during a car crash. The escape tool will be a thoughtful gift for your loved one which is why it is in our list of best gifts for car lovers.

Floor Mats

Custom floor mats are excellent gifts for car lovers. You can get football team logos to car company logos printed on your floor mat. Many companies do custom football teams and cars so you can choose what your car should represent. The materials are usually thick plush nylon for these mats, so quality is excellent. You should, however, make sure you get the perfect measurements so that the mats cover the curves and contours.

Cable Tire Chains

Driving in winter can become very dangerous, especially if there is a snowstorm. Having a set of cable tire chains is the perfect solution for driving safe during winter. Give your loved one a set cable tire chains for your peace of mind. Many companies make cable tire chains that are sleek and maintain a low profile but also provide fantastic traction. These sort of cable tire chains are great as gifts which is why the cable tire chain makes it in our list for best gifts for car lovers.

Roadside Emergency Kit

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a roadside emergency kit in your car. This kit comes in handy in all sorts of emergencies. Caution is always a good trait to have. Now, your loved ones may not be cautious, but you can provide them with emergency kits to be prepared for every type of situation. This is an excellent idea for a gift for your loved one and a worthy addition to our list of gifts for car lovers.

Automotive Inspired Furniture

We all know someone who can’t be separated from their car. They wish they could spend all of their time with vehicles. Sadly no one can. Spruce up their living room, bedroom, study or home office with automotive-inspired furniture. These type of furniture will give any car lover an authentic environment and encourage them to push for more. It also is a great conversational piece. This is why we included this in our list of best gifts for car lovers.

Automotive Dash Camera

Dash cameras are a smart inclusion in any car. These type cameras are a must-have in any car lovers car. There are plenty of companies which produce great dash cams for every vehicle. Many come with HD recording and extendable memory slots. These small things are easy to set up, and they turn on and off automatically according to the engine status. These are a great help for insurance claims and other similar problems. This is why we have included this product into our list of best gifts for car lovers.

Winter Windshield Cover

One of the most irritating job during winter is to scrape ice from the windshield every morning. Now, if you have a windshield cover, then you would not have to go through this annoying process every day. Just roll it up and drive away in the morning no scraping ice or anything. You save plenty of time because of this. Because of its fantastic service, this product is a must have for any car lover which is why we have included this in our list of best gifts for car lovers.


You can now bring the holiday spirit with you on the road. A company called LumiSign will help you set up and swap backlit inserts. This is an excellent service they provide which lets you support your favorite holidays, team, Charity or Organization. A great gift idea and a fantastic addition to our list of best gifts for car lovers.

1-day Racing School

Nowadays, we put such emphasis on giving products as gifts that we forget experiences can make fantastic gifts as well. One of the best gifts for car lovers would be to spend a day at the tracks driving what pros drive, a true car. This is a profound experience for any avid car enthusiast. With many companies popping up to provide the service this will be a memorable gift for your loved one. One they are sure to remember till the end of time.

Men’s outfits are all about accessories. These cufflinks will make you look as sharp as your new car. The cufflinks are the perfect accessory to get for the car lover. The cufflinks are sporty and are a sure conversation starter. These will get anyone who wears it compliments throughout the event. When something is that good, it means that it has to be in our list of best gifts for car lovers.

Driving Shoes

We all know that there are shoes for running, basketball, and various other physical sports. What most of us forget is that there are shoes for driving and motorsports. These shoes are specifically designed for maximum comfort and control during driving. Some brands sell driving shoes for the masses, and they are excellent — one of the best gifts for car lovers you can think of. These will take the driver for a ride!

Driving Gloves

Doing things old-school is a very trendy thing at the moment. During the 50’s straight razor shaving, vinyl collecting, etc. was a big thing. Even though the trends died out in the sixties, they are coming back with a bang. One such trend was driving gloves. The driving gloves are making a big comeback along with other 50’s trends. You will be much appreciated if you gave that avid car lover a pair of driving gloves. These gloves are fantastic gifts for car lovers and a great fashion statement to boot.

Car Themed Pullovers, Sweaters & Other Apparel

Be it, Ferrari, Audi or Lamborghini all of these have licensed clothing merchandise and toiletries. Giving your loved one clothes is a great way to show your love for them. Especially, if you are giving them clothing that has the logo of their favorite car brands or the car model. This is a sweet and thoughtful gift that will be appreciated by any car lover and makes an entry into our list of gifts for car lovers for being very sweet.

Shinola Rambler 600

Odds are your loved one already knows Craig Breedlove. He broke the 400mph barrier for land vehicles on September 5, 1963. Two days later he broke the 500mph barrier. And the following year he became the first man to break 600mph on a land vehicle. Shinola honors Craig Breedlove and his spirit of challenging one’s self with Rambler 600. This is a gorgeous titanium watch that comes with a tachymeter and a stopwatch. Being associated with such royalty in the automotive field makes this watch a worthy inclusion in our list of gifts for car lovers.

Orbital Buffer Kit

There are plenty of great buffer kits available now in the market. You can gift your loved one an orbital buffer kit, the hobby they had with car washing and detailing they will turn into professionals. You can achieve car wash like detailing with some of the products available nowadays. After you give them this, they will wonder why anyone sends their car outside for detailing. This is a gift that any car lover will thoroughly enjoy and love which is why it makes it into our list for best gifts for car lovers.

A Few Words

So, there you go, our list of the best gifts for car lovers. We made a list to include a diverse array of products and services so that all types of needs are met. We here at Vinndo understand what it means to love cars, and we know you do too. Which is why to make your life a tad bit easier we chose to create this list. Please let us know if you have any suggestion for us and also let us know what direction our blogs should be in. Till then from everyone here at Vinndo, Happy Holidays!

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