Does your car need a full repair, or will a tune up do? Find out now!

No matter how long you’ve been driving or how long you’ve owned your car, chances are that you know how important regular tuneups are for routine, preventative maintenance. You have also more than likely taken your vehicle into a nearby auto shop thinking it is on the verge of breaking down, when really, it just needs a quick tune up by a talented and dedicated local auto mechanic. The right auto mechanic will let you know whether you need a tune up or a repair, but knowing for yourself saves both you and their entire team a lot of time and energy. So, how do you tell whether your car needs a simple and quick tune up or a full repair and maybe even part replacement? Here’s a simple guide for you to be on top of your automotive repair.

How to Know If Your Car Needs a Tune Up

Your Warning Lights Are On

The tiny indicators on your control panel are always the first thing you should check when questioning if your car needs work of any sort. If any of these lights are illuminated, check when you had your last tune up. This will usually indicate whether it is a symptom of a larger problem or can be fixed with a simple tune up.

The Engine Won’t Start Easily Or At All

This could be anything from a weak battery to an improperly functioning fuel pump. Fortunately, the vast majority of these issues can be fixed with a quick tune up from any experienced and hardworking mechanic in your area.

Your Vehicle Won’t Stop Stalling

Vehicle stalling is not normal, even in older cars, but it is also not always an emergency. More often than not, a stalling car is nothing more and nothing less than a clear and present reminder that you need to go ahead and bring your car into the closest auto repair shop for a simple, easy, and quick tune up.

How to Know If Your Car needs a Repair

Smoke Is Coming From Under The Hood

Okay, so this might seem obvious, but it is exceedingly important that you have your car towed to the closest auto repair shop immediately if you notice any amount of smoke coming from your hood. Not only could it be a sign that something is seriously wrong with your vehicle, but it could easily disrupt your vision, endangering you, your passengers, and others on or near the road.

Your Car Is Leaking

Any sort of leaking coming from your car is not exactly the best — in fact, it could be a very bad sign that your vehicle needs immediate repair. Be careful to check behind your car when you park, as it is of vital importance that you catch any sort of leak as quickly as possible. If and when you do notice one, call your local auto shop.

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Crazy Noises Or Erratic Shaking Or Racing

Basically, your car should never really do anything out of the ordinary. Squeaking, squealing, pounding, and clicking are all telltale signs that it needs to pay a visit to the nearest auto repair shop. The same goes for cars that are shaking, racing, or chugging, because that can be symptomatic of a much larger issue.

Whether you need a tune up or a repair, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to find the closest auto mechanic to you so that you can get your vehicle taken care of. Using our app, you can find a highly qualified local auto shop with just your smartphone or tablet and your vehicle’s VIN. We look forward to helping your car run smoothly. Download Vinndo now on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

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