All critical features in the exterior, interior, engine, and performance of Bentley’s new Continental GT convertible Coupe discussed to satiate your automotive thirst.

Bentley has already introduced its new re-envisioned their Continental GT with a fresh new look. The unveiling of the 2019 Bentley Continental GT Convertible Coupe has received a warm welcome. Bentley fans were happy with the changes. The Continental GT has made subtle yet significant changes to keep up with the market. It indeed is a fantastic Grand Tourer.

The All New Bentley Continental GT - Coming out Spring of 2019

The Bentley team made sure to make luxurious changes on the design while keeping the Bentley ethos intact. A truly luxurious grand tourer and a class apart from its predecessor. The model in itself is elegant with a long, rakish C pillar which sets the car apart. Bentley’s attention to detail has shone through in both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. For us here it is a work of art.

The Exterior

The new continental GT convertible coupe has an elegant sculptural finish with a chrome line running through the side of the cabin. The design has the trademark dominant Bently face with a downward slope in the rear which makes it a treat to look at when the roof is down.

This model has a new “Z”  fold design roof that offers better insulation and acoustics. The 2019 continental GT is considered to be 3 decibels quieter than its predecessors. The roof takes 19 seconds to unfold or to fold entirely and it can be operated while driving at 30 miles per hour.

Bentley offers seven different colors for the roofs including Black, Blue, Claret, Gray, and Tweed

One of the most innovative things that Bently did for this model was to make it lighter and stiffer. This model is reported to be at least 20% lighter and 5 % more rigid than the previous models.

Bentley's Interior

The continental GT interior design and features are marvelous. It has meticulous craftsmanship and ingenuity in interior design. The interior has a winged B shape theme drawing inspiration from the Bentley. The winged theme starts from the center console around the fascia to the door tips. This theme gives the interior of the Bentley a spacious outlook. Bentley’s interior designers claim that the winged theme can be truly appreciated with the roof down and with the roof down the craftsmanship also shine through.

“ Bentley’s victories at Le Mans in the 1920s echoed around the world, and returned once again in the 21st century. Agility with Luxury, Power with Silence.

The steering wheel is pretty old school in its design, but it has a heat feature to keep it warm. The seats are adjustable in 20 different ways and provide a heating feature throughout the seat and neck region. The armrest also has a heat-up feature which sets the new Continental GT convertible apart from its contemporaries.

The classic bullseye vents have been integrated into the interior design to elevate it in comfort and refinement while keeping the Bentley look intact.

The Cockpit

When the engine start button is pressed the panel in the middle of the dashboard glides into one of 3 different options.

The first is a 12.3 inch full HD display which is configured to the drivers choice and preference.

Second is the board with three analog meters showing temperature, a compass, and a Chronometer.

The third side is just a part of the dashboard which elegantly fits and blends in with the car.  

The Continental GT is an infusion of the classic with modern technology featuring digital instrument cluster, flush-mounted buttons around the gear shifter. The Bang and Olufsen 1500 watt sound system is also a nice touch that accentuates its beauty. For the true audiophiles, a Naim 2,200 W, 18-speaker system with Active Bass Transducers is offered. The central panel offers a new Côtes de Genève metallic finish.

"To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class.” - W.O.Bentley

The seat has diamond patterns sewn into it with each diamond having 712 stitches which shows how much care and thought was put into this luxury grand tourer.

The leather and Veneers were sustainably sourced from around the world for the new Continental GT Convertible. With veneer choices from dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus to liquid amber from Mississippi to Koa from Hawaii etc. the number of options is immense.

You can now choose two different veneer finishes of your choice for the car which covers ten square meters of space. You also have the option to get a polished wooden steering wheel. In some switches and control, pillow knurling replaced the more traditional mechanical knurling for a more softer and refined feel.

The natural palette for the car offers 17 exterior paint colors, with up to 70 hues available. There are also 15 luxurious carpet options, eight different handcrafted veneers (with a further four dual veneer options) and 15 choices of interior trim hide; this means that you get to decide what your luxury interior finishing will look like.

The new Continental GT Convertible comes in two driving options, City specification, and Touring specification. City Specs pack comes with handsfree boot opening, pedestrian warning, traffic-sign recognition and city braking systems along with a top-view camera.

Touring Specs Pack has adaptive cruise control with a traffic-jam assist, active lane assist, a heads-up display, night vision with an infrared camera, and pre-sense braking. Offers adaptive cruise control with a traffic-jam assist, active lane assist, a heads-up display, night vision with an infrared camera, and pre-sense braking.

Engine & Performance of the Bentley:

The new Continental GT Convertible comes with 6.0-litre, W12 TSI engine. Bentley claims that this is the best 12-cylinder  engine in the world. The powertrain of the Continental GT computes 300 million calculations per second due to it having the latest engine management technology. The engine produces 635 PS (626 bhp) and 900 Nm (664 lb.ft.) of torque, giving the Continental GT Convertible great speed.

The new Continental GT can reach 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds (0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds), on to a top speed of 333 km/h (207 mph). The W12 TSI engine has both high pressure and low-pressure fuel injection which makes sure that power is optimized, and high torque is gained, but more importantly, it maximizes refinement which lowers emission stats by a huge lot. Here are some numbers for the avid car enthusiast to check out :

[WLTP drive cycle: fuel consumption, mpg (l/100km) - Combined 20.2 (14.0). Combined CO₂- 317g/km.

NEDC drive cycle equivalent: fuel consumption, mpg (l/100km) – Combined 22.8 (12.4). Combined CO₂ - 284g/km.]

MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire)

The new Continental GT can coast and put the engine to rest not only when stationary but also near-stop speeds. This feat can is achieved because of the new engines ability to utilize the smart start-stop technology to its potential.

Continental GT Convertible’s new engine has a variable displacement system which can half of the engine under specific conditions. It can shut down the intake and exhaust valves along with fuel injection and ignition on certain cylinders to run as a six-cylinder engine in specific conditions which provide additional efficiency for the model.

The Continental GT has a dual-clutch eight-speed transmission provides smooth acceleration and quick gearshifts. Continental GT convertible has a combined fuel economy of 22.8 mpg (UK) or 12.4 L/100 km (NEDC combined).

This Continental GT Convertible features an Active All-Wheel-Drive System which replaces the traditional sixty-forty system, and now it gives power to where-ever is required.

The Continental GT Convertible comes equipped with Bentley’s Dynamic Ride feature which is an advanced 48-volt roll control system which provides fantastic car control. This feature controls the electric actuators on the anti-roll bar which makes the car feel lighter and more precise while driving.

2019 Continental GT Convertible has Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) which provides excellent support, comfort, and maneuverability for the driver.

It wouldn’t be a luxury car if it didn’t prioritize comfort, the new CDC(Continuous Damping Control) system continuously adjusts air volume in the spring by calculating distance and velocity so that the driver and the passengers get maximum balance and comfort.

A fabulous machine with a monstrous engine, it makes every journey feel special.

With a total of 28 pistons, this Continental GT Convertible has the most robust iron braking system in a Bentley. The front disc brakes are 420 mm two-piece construction which utilizes a cast-iron friction ring and aluminum mounting bell. The front calipers have ten pistons each while the 380mm discs have four pistons on each caliper. This braking system provides reliability and Repeatability for a 200+ mph sporting Grand Tourer.

The Continental GT exclusively runs on Pirelli P Zero tires. It uses two different sizes in front and rear axles. The tires are specially designed for the Continental GT which has noise cancellation. These tires reduce noise transmission from the road to the cabin giving the riders a peaceful drive without compromising grip and traction on the road.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but use the coupe’s $225,000 base price as a start and move up a bit from there.

Last Words

So here is you go, our review of one of the most hyped convertible in recent years. We have made sure to include all the essential features and specifications of this elegant beast. The Continental GT Convertible was one of the most talked about cars upon its unveiling, and we hope that now you can see why. Please let us know about your suggestions and questions about the blog and let us know what you want to see in the future. Till then, Happy Holidays from the Vinndo team.

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