We have a love-hate relationship with our cars. Car maintenance sometimes can be a bit too much. Here is a list of 18 car hacks that will make your life easier.

If you own a car, you know that it comes with a lot of problems. Some problems are relatively simple, but maintenance and repair shops charge a lot to have them done. We here at Vinndo have found that there are many problems you can solve yourself.

Here are our choices for the 18 Car Hacks you can do to keep the maintenance cost to a minimum.

1.Using Toothpaste

First up is a straightforward and easy method to clean your foggy headlights. It just requires some good old fashion elbow grease. Directly apply some whitening toothpaste to your lights and scrub them down with a brush.
Let the toothpaste sit there a while and then rinse the toothpaste off. You will see that your headlights are crystal clear. To protect them better you can use some wax or furniture polish. An excellent car cleaning hack to add to your repertoire

2. A shoe as a Cupholder

Most cups you get at shops are flimsy, and most cup holders are not deep enough to provide support for the cups when the cup is moving. If you have that 32oz drink in your car, then the best way to avoid spillage is using a shoe. Using tennis shoes as a cupholder is the best option for you as the hole is adjustable and it fits almost all cup sizes. Shoes are deeper than any cupholder, and the base is massive enough to provide the support. This car hack is excellent when you are on a road trip.

3. Using a staple remover to insert keys in a keyring

Adding keys to a keyring is an excellent source of grief, especially if they are new keyrings. Odds are you have already hurt yourself at least once trying to put keys. Well, you don’t need to hurt yourself anymore. Just use a staple remover. Use the staple remover to hold the keyring open and insert the keys

4. Food Warmer

Now, this is not for all cars, but those cars which have seat warmers can utilize this hack. The seat warmer in a car has a fantastic use. It can be used to keep your takeout order warm while you drive back. Of course, it won’t keep your food piping hot, but it will be warm, and it will slow down the cooling process by a long margin. This car hack is an innovative utilization of a simple feature and one you should most definitely take advantage off if you have a seat warmer.

5. Fix Paint Chips and Scrapes

Think about this, your car gets a few chips or scrapes the paint a little while driving. What do you do? Take it to the mechanic? Well, there is a straightforward solution to this problem. Just take a nail polish of the shade closest to the car’s color and apply it. Now, the colors might not look that well when you stand too close but from far its perfect also its much better than driving a car with paint chipped off here and there. It's a car hack to save you from spending big dough in the paint shop.

6. Trash Can

All trash receptacles on the side of the cars are almost useless. You can’t fit most trash in them, and once some crumb or other small things get stuck, it becomes a pain to clean. You can change all that by using those big cereal containers that come with a lid. If the container hole is big enough, you can use it dispose of almost any trash that builds up in your car. Now with this DIY trash can car hack your vehicle can look much less like a dumpster.

7. Sun Shade Anywhere

Driving during the day becomes a hassle when the sun glares through the windshield. One easy step that pilots use is plastic sheets. By placing the plastic sheets to either the windshield or window, you can stop the light beams from being a nuisance to you. You don’t even need to use any adhesive to stick the plastic sheet. The sheet gets adhered through the static of the windshield — a straightforward and practical car hack that you can use.

8. Adding Extra Storage space

When you are getting in the car with friends or family, you always need extra space. With our next car hack, you can store your jackets and coats in your vehicle even books and other knick-knacks in your car. Merely get a bungee mesh net and attach it to the roof of the car and you have extra storage space. Now you don’t have to suffer for the lack of space nor will your things be on the floor of the car.

9. Park facing the East

So, this might be a bit tricky, but if you can do it, then you will save valuable time and effort. When you are parking the car for the day, you should park facing East. Since the sun rises in the East, it will heat your car through the windshield and defrost your engine. And if you are lucky enough, then you wouldn't even have to get down from your car to wipe the windscreen during winter. This car hack is very practical and will save you plenty of time.

10. Fixing Dents

You might already know this car hack because it is an ancient trick, but it is still great. When you get small dents on your car take your plunger and stick it on your door and pull. It's a perfect way to save money because the mechanic will do the same thing. You should remember that this only works for small damage and for massive damages you do need to take your car to the mechanics.

11. De-icing jammed doors and locks

During winter we all face this problem. There is a simple car hack for this problem and most people, and even you might have it with you or in your bag. You can de-ice jammed doors and keyholes with hand sanitizers. The alcohol in the solution will dissolve any ice in the nooks and crannies. If you don’t already carry a hand sanitizer, then you should start right away.

12. Boosting Remote Range

So this car hack is a weird one. You can increase your range by holding the fob on the underside of your chin. Yes, it sounds funny and like a hoax. And yes it works. The science behind it is pretty straightforward. Your head is filled up with fluids and fluids being a great conductor makes your head a good antenna. When you hold your fob on your chin, your head acts as an antenna and gives you at least 20 feet of range more.

13. Using Toothpaste ( Part 2 )

So we have our second toothpaste related car hack. Toothpaste is not only good for cleaning headlights, but it can help you remove scuffs very well. All you need to do is apply some toothpaste (preferably whitening) to the scuffed area wipe it down. If the scrape isn’t too bad, then all the marks would vanish. Your car can have fewer scuffs if you apply some elbow grease and your toothpaste to your car so why aren’t you doing it?

14. Using a Laundry Basket

Well, if you have a car, then you store things in the trunk. Which if you are anything like me means that the trunk is a mess with things lying around and moving around the trunk. Just get a laundry basket and organize the trunk. It is a cheap and easy solution and great car cleaning hack. Now all your things will be in one place and organized

15. Using a Shower Organizer

This car hack is a very well known one. It is especially well-known among moms. Just take a shower organizer and some shoelace and tie it on the back of the front seat. There you have it, your backseat organizer for storing knick-knacks. A simple and easy thing to do and is very cheap as well. You can store coloring books, bottles, etc. in the organizer so that you don’t have to carry an extra bag.

16. DIY Phone Holder

If you don’t have a phone holder in the car, then the next car hack is for you. You can only use a rubber band and make it a phone holder. All you need to do is just put one end of the rubber band through one vent and bring out through the other. Then just put your phone in the middle, and the rubber band will hold. Very easy and very simple.

17. DIY Wiper

Windshield wipers wear down and get damaged with time. Now if you are driving an old car, then that happening is a very viable scenario. A worn down wiper can break off, and the metal can damage your windshield. To prevent this just using a stocking on the windscreen will provide as a great substitute. This car hack is excellent because you can use your car without damaging it any further till you get the wipers fixed.

18. Sticker Removal

Well, we get stickers on our cars when on trips or maybe for a band or a cause. Now you, if you have outgrown the need for those stickers getting them off, becomes an ungodly sight. The next car hack makes removing unwanted labels and stickers much easier. All you need to do is soak some newspaper in water and then hold it on the sticker. After about 10-15 minutes the residue will get absorbed and can be easily wiped away.

A Few Words

There are plenty of car hacks you can do for your car. We made a list with your convenience in mind. These car hacks will help you save time, money and keep you safe. Your vehicle will be clean and organized. So go ahead try them out.
You can also check out our guide on winter car maintenance and our blog on Super Car Wash Products To Keep Your Car Clean.
Let us know your thoughts on the comments below and please if you have any suggestions comment right away.
Thank you for being with the VinndoNation. Happy Holidays.

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