The year 2019 will be a revolutionized year for the auto industry. Many best cars will be released for the public to enjoy. Read our list of the best cars to buy in 2019.

The year 2018 is about to end, and automobile manufacturers are already ahead of the game. From the Toyota Avalon to the Audi A3, there are several cars that have topped the list this year as the “best cars of 2018”. As we gradually glide into the New Year twenty nineteen, let’s see what the automotive industry have in store in 2019. First, watch our video on the upcoming 5 best cars to buy in 2019 that will leave you in awe.

Details of The Best Cars to Buy in 2019:

The Audi A8

Let's say this: Audi had stuck with its roots on this vehicle. Audi's slogan is “Vorsprung durch Technik”, meaning "Being Ahead through Technology." The 2019 A8 blends in more materials for a light-weight body that puts pounds back on with new electrification hardware.

We will get into all of that tech stuff shortly. But first the body, Audi designed the new A8's body based on the MLB architecture, which means a front-drive orientation, though all American A8s will be sold with all-wheel drive. The central structure remains aluminum, but steel, magnesium, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and now have a role in reducing weight and increasing body stiffness, which is needed for an SUV. Audi has already spread the news that they will not offer the vehicle with an all-electric variant. However they may add a plug-in hybrid, that will be introduced next year.

Audi went all out in its interior electrical systems. First, they took out all of the extra buttons from previous models in the cockpit and replaced them with touch-sensitive surfaces and digital displays. Audi layers in high-resolution screens in the gauge cluster, and a dual-screen arrangement at the center of the dash.

Speaking of screens, the Audi A8 also has a tablet on the passenger's seat in the middle. How cool is that? The tablet allows you to control the function of the seats, massage features, and temperature control. Also, the tablet lets you control the interior lights, radio, and media. The upper screen displays output from navigation and infotainment services; the lower screen serves as the interface for functions such as climate control. The former touch-sensitive puck system has been taken out, as the A8 goes all-in with touch and swipe. A vehicle for the future, of course, it is fitted with wifi systems for internet access. The cockpit is loaded with all of this cool tech, really its high def and very sleek.

At the back, the vehicle is large enough for most people's needs for your everyday errands.

The Audi R8 sedan is complete with Level 3 autonomous technology, according to Filip Brabec, Audi of America's vice president of product management.  The 2018 Audi A8 is a full-size sedan powered by a V-6 or turbocharged V-8. Seems like Audi did not go for fuel economy but all in all its an awesome vehicle.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 (2019)

Sometimes revolutions start very quietly. In the upcoming year, Mercedes will be releasing this magnificent electric machine, first of its kind. The ECQ 400 4Matic.

The Mercedes-Benz was first presented at the 2016 Paris Motor Show that its new product and technology brand for electromobility. In mid-2019 the time has come: the EQC is the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle to be launched under the EQ brand. Mercedes is all about class and luxury. With this new electric vehicle Mercedes pays its respect to quality, safety and comfort the EQC is the Mercedes-Benz among electric vehicles. Thanks to two electric motors at the front and rear axles with a combined output of 300 kW these are accompanied for dynamic performance. When coasting and breaking operations the mechanical is converted into electrical energy and is used to charge the high voltage battery.

The vehicle's power comes from two electric motors – one motor for each set of wheels – together it produces 402bhp and 564lb ft of torque, which is enough to get you up to 62mph in 5.1 seconds.

Inside the vehicle, the EQC adopts the same widescreen digital displays as the latest A-Class, running Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment system. There are a number of EQ-specific enhancements, too, such as graphics to show energy flow, remaining range, and charging status. Speaking of charging, if you’re using a fast charger of the kind you’ll find at most motorway service stations, the EQC can be charged to 80% of capacity in about 40 minutes.

The EQC’s full suite of safety and assistance technology has yet to be revealed, (most likely the team will either add more features to it) but we do know it can control its own speed and position in a lane on the motorway. Either way, this is a vehicle that may take the prize in 2019!

The Jaguar- I- PACE 2019

This Jaguar will put itself on the map of electric vehicles. Going up against Mercedes, Audi & the Tesla Model X. The I-Pace is the most significant car ever produced by Jaguar. Really, of all the Jaguars that you might have driven over the years, the experience of driving the I-Pace is much more different. That is why this vehicle has made this best car to buy list.

Moving on to the interior of the vehicle, you can sense the spaciousness can be felt throughout the cabin. The I-Pace is truly one of the best electric vehicle coming out in 2019. The cockpit is where all the new tech can be seen. With a sleek, minimalist dual touch screen at the heart of the cabin. The technology behind it includes climate features, driving modes, and vehicle dynamic setups. Since we are sliding into the New Year why not include the 4G wifi hotspot enabling it to connect up to 8 devices at a time.

The all-new Jaguar, a luxurious sports car focus that reflects the performance of the vehicle is evident throughout. From its smooth finishes surrounding the interior, and the rich metallic touches around you, you can only embrace its luxury. The new I-Pace is equipped with practical features to help busy lives and daily errands. More boot space. More leg room for passengers, and an astonishing interior.

The vehicle also comes with a waterproof activity key while the original keys are safely stored inside. The durable band acts as a sensor which locks and unlocks the vehicle. A new era of practicality. The vehicle also has a heads-up display on the windshield. As a vehicle of the future, you will also have a smartphone app to communicate with your vehicle from afar. How cool is that? Small features ranging from locking and unlocking your vehicle, software updates without having to visit the retailer, charging information, locating the vehicle when parked and much more!

The Toyota Avalon 2019

For the 5th generation Avalon, Toyota will give consumers a lot more then they asked for. The vehicle comes in touring and limited edition among other editions. The stylish appearance of the new Avalon looks like a crossover between Mercedes and Lexus. Especially with the giant grille on the front. It has an appealing design, comfortable ride, and has much ample power. As ever, it’s a front-wheel-drive four-door with a V-6; there’s also a hybridized version available that uses a four-cylinder engine. However, this vehicle does not come in all wheel drive. In an era when traditional, near-luxury sedans from a non-luxury brand are out of fashion, this is a traditional, near-luxury sedan from a non-luxury brand.

The 2019 Avalon is equipped with Toyota’s TSSP ((safety sense) active electronics safety technology. The technology has pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control; blind spot warning and lane keep assist. In the interior, the cockpit has a beautiful improved 9-inch display mixed with touchscreen features and hard buttons. The Avalon also has a heads-up display!

Toyota went with advanced led lights on the front and back. And for all iPhone users, Apple car play is finally built in the Avalon! In the trunk, you get a spare tire! Thank you, Toyota! More exposure and more driving will reveal what features truly matter. But this new model is clearly a better Avalon that’s still quiet, is still unpretentious and still has an easygoing personality.

The vehicle comes in the following editions: XSE, XLE, Limited, and Touring. It seems that things have become more aggressive in Toyota's design department. The vehicle is gorgeous all around. No one can deny it. It is no longer a model for your grandpa.

The Hyundai Volester N

The Veloster N is the first American ambassador for Hyundai’s performance sub-brand and already the company’s best-driving model ever. The N stands for Namyang according to Hyundai, if you were curious. Namyang is where Toyota's development center is located. Compared to regular Veloster models, all Veloster Ns get aggressive exterior styling, larger wheels and brakes, specially tuned suspension, unique interior touches, N-specific driving modes, and more.

In addition to the power bump, it includes an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, larger brakes, an active exhaust, and 19-inch Pirelli P Zero tires with the letters HN molded into the sidewall, which says that the tires were made for this vehicle in particular. The Veloster allows the driver to cycle among Eco, Normal, Sport, N, and lastly Custom driving modes. The last one allows independent adjustment of the throttle response, which is great. The vehicle also has Apple Play and Android auto. Everyone wants a vehicle that allows you to connect your phone.

For the doors, if you see the video, you will realize that on one side there are two doors and on the other side there is only one door. For a small car, the Veloster N can be compared to the new Civics and Ford Focus. The N division has really put a lot into this new Hot Hatch. The tires of the vehicle add to its performance with 18-inch, 225-section-width Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer tires.

The engine has been completely retouched by its engineers. It is evident when you are actually behind the wheel of this beast. The cracks and pops put you on the edge when you are putting the pedal to the floor.

Final Word

So which one do you choose to purchase in the upcoming year? I will admit the decision will be tough. But for those who have children, you may go for the SUV type vehicles. More kids, more room. On the flip side vehicles like the Audi A8 and Volester N are also very promising. One thing is for sure, whichever vehicle you decide to purchase from this list will give you a glimpse of the auto industry of the future. From our list of the best cars to buy, which one will you go for?

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